Let us introduce you to the small, regal, companion and show dog of Japan, the Shiba-Inu. This breed is believed to be the oldest of the six related breeds of Nippon Inu (Japanese dog), of which the large Akita-Inu is the most well known to the Western World. The present day Shiba is the product of select breeding of three different strains of Shibas; the San'in, the Mino, and the Shinshu. The ancestors of these lines is believed to have migrated from Southeast Asia prior to 500 BC. Bones of this type of dog have been found in ruins dating back to that age, known in history as the Jomõn era.

All the Nippon Inu, including the Shiba, were originally bred for hunting. The name Shiba-Inu, literally translated, means "Little Brushwood Dog". In Japan they are known for their excellent ability as hunting dogs for ground birds and small game.

Shiba have a "fox-like" look that is captivating. They are unusually hardy and robust little dogs that do not require the pampering and grooming that many breeds do. They have short hair and their ears and tail are completely natural. They are the smallest of the Nippon Inu, with a very compact, muscular body. This gives them great agility and an attitude of gracefulness and elegance. They are a friendly dog--lively and gay, but also very attentive to their owner's feelings. They are an excellent watchdog, family pet, and are wonderful playmates for children. The loyalty of the breed to their masters and families is a much repeated statement that we have heard from Japanese people who have owned them.

There are two clubs in Japan that register Shiba pedigrees. The largest and most prestigious Shiba registry is the Nihon-ken Hozonkai or "Nippo" ("Association for the Preservation of Japanese Dogs"). A Nippo pedigree can be re registered and converted to English by the Japan Kennel Club, which is more western in structure. All of our Shibas were dual registered with both Nihon-ken Hozonkai and the Japan Kennel Club. Our Shibas are now registered with the AKC.

Our personal Shibas have been exhibited at the San Francisco and Seattle Cherry Blossom Festivals, and other Japanese cultural events. We brought in our first imports in September, 1977. Our first Japan Kennel Club-registered litter was born Thanksgiving Day, 1978. We brought in more imports in 1980 and 1982 to establish our foundation lines.

Each pup from Shõsha Shibas receives personal socialisation as well as optimum health care. We have access to Japanese authorities for advice on sound breeding principles. We are the original breeder and promoter of the Japanese Shiba-Inu in the USA!


Males, 14-1/2 to 16-1/2 inches   17 to 22 +/- pounds   Red/White
Females, 13-1/2 to 15-1/2 inches  

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