February 28, 1994


To Whom It May Concern:

After discovering that Mr. Ken Cadby's previous work references were superb, we hired him as Product Support Analyst in our Product Support Department in August, 1987. Ken was soon promoted to Sr. Product Support Analyst in 1988. We regret that he declined an offer to work for the department when it was moved to Oregon in November, 1993.

Ken is a fast learner, and quickly became expert enough to help customers with their problems and questions about Time Line project management and associated graphics software, PC memory configurations, printers, plotters, networks, and other complex technical issues. As the department quadrupled in size over the years, Ken eagerly grew to fill the most senior technical roles, and was largely responsible for the department maintaining a quality of customer service regarded as superior in the industry.

Among some of Ken's abilities and accomplishments:

Troubleshot and solved the most complex customer problems;

Performed onsite sales and customer support at major corporations such as Texas Instruments in Texas, Kodak in New York, and General Electric in Washington state;

Always a customer advocate, finding efficient ways to support them and the department;

Designed, implemented, populated, and maintained the project management technical support group's bug tracking database--still in use today in Oregon as a primary tool;

Wrote numerous technical documents for use by the department and customers;

Wrote appendices, readme files, hypertext (windows help text), and application notes for Time Line versions 3, 4, 5, and Time Line for Windows;

Trained the newly-hired technical support department in Oregon.

Ken's dedication to his work has always been strong, and he often worked long hours to complete a project. We will miss his passion for the product, quality customer service, and loyalty to the company, and I know that he will be valuable to whoever employs him.


Brad Brown

Manager of Product Support

Applications Group

Mr. Ken Cadby

Letter of Reference

[This letter was written while Brad Brown and Ken Cadby were at Symantec Corp, Time Line Project Management Division; Brad Brown is currently (as of 7/23/99) Manager of Product Support at AutoDesk, Inc.]