February 18, 1994


To Whoever It May Concern:

Mr. Ken Cadby worked in the Department of Technical Communications from 11/12/93 to 2/15/94 to lend expert product knowledge and writing assistance to a large effort we were making at the time to produce an 800 page User's Guide and on-line Help system.

Ken's help was excellent and he quickly became a much-needed source of information for us on the difficult and intricate questions of the practice of project management. Ken also wrote some concise and clearly explained portions of our documentation that probably few people in the organization could do. He saved us much effort by being a terrific source of project management information from the customer's viewpoint, an oft forgotten angle.

Ken also created a sample database that was subsequently shipped with few revisions with our product. His efforts allowed all of the other writers to work from a comprehensive example of a project management plan that was realistic an accurate. It also helped the team complete its screen shots for the User' Guide and provided an excellent reference to the other writers on the team.

Ken was extremely pleasant to work with. He was conscientious about all of his commitments and delivered good work. The pieces he wrote were above the standards of other technical writers in the department and were always accurate and well thought out from a customer's, as well as a writer's, point of view.

Ken was a genuine help to our efforts and I felt lucky that he was available and willing to help us out. I think he will succeed in any endeavor he chooses.


Susan J. Maunders

Manager of Technical Communications

Mr. Ken Cadby

Letter of Reference

[This letter was written while Susan J. Maunders and Ken Cadby were working at Symantec Corp, Time Line Project Management Division]